The 20/20 Law Group is a team of legal professionals whose clientele consist primarily of small to medium sized business, individuals looking to invest in businesses and real estate opportunities, people who want to secure their intellectual property and trademark rights, and individuals who are buying and selling their home or are planning their wills and estates.

The focus of the 20/20 Law Group (and the basis for the name of our firm) is captured in our trademark "Clear Vision. Secure Futureā„¢". We look to assist and clarify our client's vision of their future by working with them, their team of accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals that they rely upon. We then provide the necessary services and advice to secure their position for their future.

The 20/20 Law Group is led by Reid Schmidt who has been a practicing lawyer in Alberta for over 22 years. What clients appreciate about dealing with Reid is their ability to discuss their issues and concerns with him in a manner that they are comfortable with (rather than that feeling of pressure and intimidation in dealing with "the lawyer"). Whether their matter is straightforward or complicated, upon completion they have a clear understanding of the process and feel like they have been an active participant in the solution. This approach is shared by all of the 20/20 Law Group team.

If you require any of the legal services that we provide, please feel free to call us to discuss your needs.

Areas of Law

Corporate Law

Do you own a business or are you looking to start or acquire one soon? If so, chances are corporate law applies to you!

Intellectual Property

When you have conceived a brilliant idea or developed a unique concept, you need to take the necessary steps to protect it. That is the whole basis behind intellectual property.

Wills & Estates

Estate planning is something everyone needs to do. Make sure it is done right and leave it up to our team to understand what you want and deliver that in the best way.

Real Estate

If you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance your home feel free to give us a call for a quote on the legal fees.

Family Enterprise Advising

Make sure your family business stays in your family and stays successful when it comes time to pass it on to the next generation.

Debt Recovery

It can be frustrating when someone owes you money and simply won't pay it. 20/20 Law Group can help you collect those overdue amounts.

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