Debt Recovery

Recovering money owed to you!

It can be frustrating when someone owes money to you and simply won’t pay it.

Often, you’ve struck a bargain, performed your end of the deal, and when it comes time for the other party to pay, they either flat-out refuse or they stop responding to your communication.

20/20 Law Group can help you with collecting those overdue amounts.

We’ve helped clients with sending demands for payments, commencing action in either the Provincial Court of Alberta – Civil or the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, and with enforcing judgments through the various collections procedures available to Judgment Creditors.

Additionally, we’ve assisted clients in navigating the creditor’s bankruptcy process, when someone who owes money to them goes bankrupt.

If someone owes money to you, give us a call to see what we can do to help you recover those unpaid amounts.