Escrow Agency Services

The 20/20 Law Group has many clients that have entered into agreements with other parties in which software source code, shares in a corporation, customer lists or other information is to be held by a third party pending the satisfaction of contractual terms. That is why 20/20 Law Group offers escrow agency services to our clients.

Other law firms and escrow agencies typically charge unwarranted fees on the pretense that they are taking a “risk” on behalf of the parties relating to the theft, destruction or unauthorized release of the information. In dealing with these other law firms, clients saw these fees for holding the information in escrow as an impediment to their agreement and therefore either relented to the demands of the party requesting delivery of this information or elected to not proceed with the agreement fearing that they would lose control of the information if the agreement was breached.

To address the issues presented to it by its clients, the 20/20 Law Group developed a strategy in which it would hold the information in a secure offsite location to which only two members of the firm have access thereby reducing the risks associated with theft and destruction. The risk of having the information released without authorization is then addressed in an escrow agreement which is signed by all concerned parties. Having reduced or eliminated the risk factors, the 20/20 Law Group is able to charge fees that are both reasonable and acceptable to its clients.

If you have information that you wish to have held in escrow, please contact the 20/20 Law Group at (403) 730-2020 to discuss.