Intellectual Property

Protecting your great ideas!

Whether you are a part time inventor, a writer or artist, a knowledgeable technician or an experienced business person, when you have conceived a brilliant idea or developed a unique concept, you need to take the steps necessary to protect that idea or advance your concept. That is the entire basis behind intellectual property.

The 20/20 Law Group has assisted the inventors, technicians and business owners with the protection and advancement of their ideas and concepts and, in so doing, has helped its clients recognize the value of their efforts and advance their related business.

The 20/20 Law Group has provided its intellectual property clients with the legal insight they require in relation to confidentiality agreements, license agreements, technology transfer agreements and end user agreements. In addition to the drafting and review of these agreements, the 20/20 Law Group has assisted its intellectual property clients with the development of their related business strategies including methods to prevent employees and others involved from capitalizing upon the intellectual property rights of the client.

Reid Schmidt and Lisa Hutchinson are also trademark agents who are registered in both Canada and the United States. Reid has filed over 1,000 Canadian trademark applications and over 250 applications in the United States. Reid has also coordinated the filing of many trademarks in Europe. Having processed all of these applications, the 20/20 Law Group are keenly aware of the process involved in developing a brand and the steps involved in advancing that brand.